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The flow of information in the intensive care unit is so great that it can be difficult to isolate the data necessary for making a decision. The CARDEX system visualize only the information which is necessary for the doctor on the screen, while saving the entire volume of the received data. The output of all data in one window allows the doctor to use them as efficiently as possible and see the whole picture of the treatment process. Built-in calculators and timers, the ability to copy prescriptions, the use of formed medicinal mixtures and templates save the staff time.

Prescriptions of medications, examinations, consultations and procedures are simultaneously displayed both in the intensive care card and in the electronic list of appointments at the workplace of the procedural or guard nurse. This allows nurses to spend more time caring for the patient.

Prescribing templates that comply with clinical guidelines and patient management protocols allow for strict adherence to accepted treatment standards and significantly reduce the time spent on documentation.

If necessary, the system generates the necessary package of printed forms, including intensive care cards, prescription sheets, admission description, diaries, protocols, etc. All printing forms can be customized for the needs of the hospital.