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Hand Held Pulse Oximeter CARDEX PO-02 performance 1

Hand Held Pulse Oximeter CARDEX PO-02 performance 1
  • Bright digital indicators
  • Small size and light weight
  • Modes for working with patients of all ages
  • Long battery life
  • DDA technology for artifact suppression





Pulse oximeter "CARDEX" PO-02 is designed to monitor the patient's condition during transportation in the ambulances and inside the hospital. DDA is an algorithm for extracting a useful signal and suppressing artifacts that allows you to obtain stable data with intense interference from patient movements, including when working with children and newborns.


  • Display parameters : SpO2, PR
  • Bright digital indicators
  • Alarm for all parameters
  • Alarm signal : audio and visual
  • Adjusting the brightness of the indicators and the sound volume
  • Sensors for adults, children and newborns
  • Battery charge indication, alarms and errors
  • Trend information
  • USB and wireless interfaces


  • Internal battery
  • AC: 220 V, 50 Hz
  • DC: 12 - 27 V (from the vehicle electrical system)

Additional equipment:

  • Clamp for attachment to the infusion rack
  • Storage and carrying case
  • Car power adapter
  • Cable and software for transferring, storing and processing data on a computer