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Hand Held Pulse Oximeter CARDEX PO-02 performance 2

Hand Held Pulse Oximeter  CARDEX PO-02 performance 2
  • Color graphic display
  • Perfusion quality indication (perfusion index)
  • Modes for working with patients of all ages
  • DDA technology for artifact suppression
  • 5 modes of display information
  • Wireless data transfer to external devices





The CARDEX PO-02 pulse oximeter with color display is a portable SpO2 monitor designed to monitor the patient's condition during transportation inside the hospital and in the ambulance. It can be used with patients of any age group, including newborns and premature babies with extremely low body weight. DDA is a signal extraction algorithm that eliminates errors caused by movement artifacts, venous pulsation and insufficient peripheral perfusion and obtains the true SpO2 and pulse rate. Determination of the perfusion index helps the doctor to qualitatively analyze the saturation indicators. Multiple additional options make him the leader in this class of measuring devices.

Main characteristics:

  • 2.4 ”color display with brightness control
  • Monitored parameters: SpO2, PR, plethysmogram
  • Display modes: MONITOR (digital values of SpO2 and PR, plethysmogram, bar graph), LARGE NUMBERS (digital values of SpO2 and PR, bar graph), MAP (digital values of SpO2 and PR, graphic trend) GRAPHIC TREND, DIGITAL TREND
  • Sensors for adults, children and newborns
  • Perfusion Index
  • Indication of signal strength and quality, pulse amplitude, battery charge, sensor and patient presence
  • Alarm for all parameters
  • Alarm signal : audio and visual
  • Countdown timer to silence the audible alarm
  • The ability to adjust the volume and select the type of sound signal
  • Trends
  • The ability to View trends and any stored observation on the pulse oximeter screen
  • Bluetooth - interface with external thermal printer
  • USB interface


  • Internal battery
  • AC : 220 V, 50 Hz
  • DC : 12-27 V (from the vehicle electrical system)

Additional equipment:

  • Clamp for attachment to the infusion rack
  • Storage and carrying case
  • Car power adapter
  • Cable and software for transferring, storing and processing data on a computer
  • External thermal printer with Bluetooth interface